Top Benefits of Having A Baby Swing


If you are a new parent waiting for the arrival of your baby, there are a lot of things that you need to prepare including buying all of the baby gear and equipment that you might need to take better care of your baby. One of the most common and popular product is the baby swing. If you can look at the number of purchase for the top 5 baby swing available in 2016, you can know how much other parents want to have Continue reading

Dealing with Sleep Deprivation


One of the odd things about parenting books is that there really aren’t too many on sleep deprivation and how to do all the parent things we are supposed to do – say 10 positive things for every negative one or correction, give them a multivitamin, fix healthy meals, encourage independence and impulse control, prepare them for social situations and school – when we are getting four hours of sleep for months on end Continue reading

Trust Your Body


I know, I know. The title of this post sounds somewhat ridiculous. Trust your body, yeah yeah. When I read that phrase during my pregnancy, I remember thinking “um, yeah, and what about all those women who used to die in childbirth because their body could not actually deliver, or because the baby had a problem – what about them? Trusting your body only gets you so far in those situations.” Which is true. Modern medicine is an amazing thing. And often very necessary in childbirth Continue reading